The cameras boast of high-speed facial recognition feature that could detect people even when they are on a face mask

HANET founder and CEO Vo Duc Tho

HANET, a startup offering Artificial Intelligence-powered surveillance cameras in Vietnam, has received an undisclosed amount of investment from G-Group Technology Corporation at US$5 million valuation.

The startup will use the funds to take its business into global markets, said a press statement.

“We have worked hard for a long time, going through many difficulties to build HANET AI camera. We want to make it the leading AI camera product in Vietnam as well as in the global market,” said Vo Duc Tho, CEO and founder of HANET.

In developed countries, AI cameras are installed everywhere for analysing traffic and controlling crimes. However, in Vietnam, there are very few AI cameras on the streets, which use old technologies and lack the ability to analyse and calculate.

What is unique about HANET is that its products have an AI chip integrated into the camera. This helps in minimising investment costs and makes deployment easier.

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The camera boasts of high-speed facial recognition feature that could detect people even when they are on a face mask. It claims that device can be used to detect traffic offences and prevent child abduction and robberies.

The AI camera is available in three variants: homes (to protect family, children, anti-theft), offices (for access control and automatic timekeeping), and shops (for automatic customer counting, business analysis and anti-theft).

“We value HANET because they are an enthusiastic and highly qualified team in AI camera technology and products, all with the same goal of proving that Vietnamese people can make great tech products for the global market. A distinguishing feature is that the two parties share a joint mission to contribute to a safer and better society through technology. G-Group will not only invest with capital but will also commit to support other synergistic values and help HANET realise its vision,” said Phung Anh Tu, CEO of G-Group.

G-Group is a leading technology corporations in Vietnam, focusing on investments in three sectors: fintech, media-tech and cybersecurity.

Its ecosystem currently includes 11 member companies. It serves 30 million users across financial service, fintech, payments, e-wallet, social network, online games, digital media, and cybersecurity.